Mensch Nash

Shalom - Greetings

This website is just a generalization about me. Everday is a great day! Especially as long as you keep a positive attitude, and look at both sides of a situation, you will be blessed.  The more that you try to do the right things, the more the yetzer-ra comes to try and make you do wrong. 

I realized that life is a learning experience, it never stops. I am learning constantly to refine my habits. There is always another level for me to reach, no matter how good i might be right now. I believe in G-d and I believe in love and forgiving. The L-rd is G-d, the L-rd is One. Blessed be the Name of thy glorious kingdom forever and ever.

When i constantly strive to build my character, I become more aware and I have more to offer. It is an exciting journey that ultimately leads to fullfilment and prosperity, but unfortunately, sometimes I learn my lesson the hard way, but my motto is to always think and be positive.

My affiliations are :

-BKDY Modeling & Entertainment ( a.k.a. Black Dynasty, Inc.)-Member of Paul Quinn College Chapter, Dallas, TX ('00), and the Founder of Lamar University Chapter, Beaumont, TX (2003)
-Pride of Beaumont #291 Masonic Temple, PHA, F&AM- I,P,R 3rd degree Master Mason ('03),  
-Mosier Valley #103 Masonic Lodge, PHA, F & AM- Senior Deacon Nash 2012-2013
-Ft. Worth Consistory #281-Sublime Prince Nash 2011-Grand Chancellor 2012, Hospitaller 2013
-Ft. Worth Lodge of Perfection #281- Thrice Potent Master 2013
-Nimrod # 08 Holy Royal Arch Mason (advanced 4/2010),
-Alpha Royal Arch Chapter # 06, Ft. Worth, TX,
-Lewin Commandery # 16 Knights Templar (Knighted 4/2010),
-St. Cecil Commandery # 05, Ft. Worth, TX
-Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons of Texas- Companion, 
-Lone Star Grand Commandery- Sir Knight,
-Pride of Leah Chapter #50, Order of Eastern Star (02/2013)
-Knights of Pythagorus (2013)
-International Order of Turtles- Snapping Turtle,
-Israel Online Ambassador,
-Independent Record Label Assoc. (I.R.L.A.),
-N.C.I. Cleaning Services