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I am just a laid back, down to earth individual.  I have many titles under my belt.  I am associated with many organizations, and have many connections.  For me, it is not about holding a title, it is about having an accomplishment.

 In Spring 2000 I joined Black Dynasty Inc., now officially known as BKDY, a modeling and entertainment social organization.  My pledge chapter is Paul Quinn College, in Dallas, Texas.  In 2003, I became Founder of the Lamar University Chapter in Beaumont, Texas.  Also at the same time of bringing in my founding line, I was being prepared to advance myself futher.

 September 2003 I was initiated into the Order to the degree of Entered Apprentice, October 2003 passed to Fellowcraft, then in November 2003 I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  At this level I was able to gain exceptional knowledge.  Receiving light that has never been shining so bright.

Around late 2004, I became a member of the International Order of the Turtles.  I also began doing a study of world religions.  The reason behind this was I started to feel that the life that I was living was not up to my potential.  The religion that I straddled was Baptist/Christianity.  But in due time I began to eliminate this religion from my daily lifestyle.  2005 Judaism was the religion I embraced.  After studying Freemasonry every day for about 8-9 hours a day, I began to realize that Freemasonry and Judaism was the same.  They both are a way of living.  They both are a lifestyle.  So I began to live as a Jew.  November 2007 I attended synogogue for the first time.

After years of self, meditated study, along with Rabbinic supervision/study from 3 Rabbi's (1Conservative/Reconstructionist, 1 Reform, 1 Orthodox/Liberal) from different backgrounds and taught different sects of Judaism, I decided to make my transformation official on June 30, 2010.  Only to find out that my great-grandmother was Jewish (and no conversion was necessary)

Many people consider that a Jew is a group of people, race, religion, culture, nationality, among a few other titles.  A Jew is all of the stated titles, but mainly it is a religion.  Just like any other religion that you decide you want to convert to such as Islam, Catholic, Hinduism, etc...  The same applied to Judaism.  Once an individual converts to Judaism, they are considered as much of a Jew as a person whose parents are Jewish and were born a Jew.

Since I had already been initiate, passed, and raised, the next step was to be advanced to the degree of Mark Master, and regularly passed the Chair--have been received and acknowledged as a Most Excellent Masters, and now wish further promotion in Masonry, by being exalted to the Most Sublime Degree of a Royal Arch Mason. April 10, 2010 I reached the highest rank of the York Rite Masons as a Sir Knight in the Order of the Temple, as a Knights Templar Masons.  July 2011, I became a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, obtaining the title "Sublime Prince Nash."  February 23, 2013 I became a member of the Order of Eastern Star.


I am a York Rite and Scottish Rite Mason...but most importantly I am a Master Mason

I am a jack-of-all-trades but mainly I have been a Music Promoter {1996-2008} (I still promote a lil bit), working with groups such as Stampede Records, SoSoDef Records, Creators Way & Associated Labels (CWAL), Bigger than me Promotions, C&D Entertainment, Club Grand (formerly Club Tiffany's), Independent Record Label Association (I.R.L.A.), Llqwyd Productions, Club Diamonds.  Among many more artist/labels. 

Model from 1998-2003, then sat on the Advisor Board for BKDY Modeling & Entertainment, until about 2007. 
FOUNDER of Lamar University BKDY Chapter in Beaumont, TX.
 Un-officially retired after 11 years of service (2000 - 2011) to BKDY, but I am still an avid and active member.

I am not finished traveling, becoming me, or doing what I do, so the list will continue.  The more I feel that needs to be shared will but at your disposal. -S.M.I.B.

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